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Test Bank For Primary Care, A Collaborative Practice 5th Edition by Terry Buttaro

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Test Bank For Primary Care, A Collaborative Practice 5th Edition by Terry Buttaro

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Buttaro: Primary Care, A Collaborative Practice, 5th Ed.

Chapter 1: The Evolving Landscape of Collaborative Practice

250 Chapters Are Included !


Test Bank


Multiple Choice



  1. Which assessments of care providers are performed as part of the Value Based Purchasing initiative?

Select all that apply.


  1. Appraising costs per case of care for Medicare patients
  2. Assessing patients’ satisfaction with hospital care
  3. Evaluating available evidence to guide clinical care guidelines
  4. Monitoring mortality rates of all patients with pneumonia
  5. Requiring advanced IT standards and minimum cash reserves


ANS:   A, B, D

Value Based Purchasing looks at five domain areas of processes of care, including efficiency of care (cost per case), experience of care (patient satisfaction measures), and outcomes of care (mortality rates for certain conditions. Evaluation of evidence to guide clinical care is part of evidence-based practice. The requirements for IT standards and financial status are part of Accountable Care Organization standards. REF: Value Based Purchasing



  1. What was an important finding of the Advisory Board survey of 2014 about primary care preferences of patients?


  1. Associations with area hospitals
  2. Costs of ambulatory care
  3. Ease of access to care
  4. The ratio of providers to patients


ANS:   C

As part of the 2014 survey, the Advisory Board learned that patients desired 24/7 access to care, walk-in settings and the ability to be seen within 30 minutes, and care that is close to home. Associations with hospitals, costs of care, and the ratio of providers to patients were not part of these results. REF: The New Look of Primary Care



  1. A small, rural hospital is part of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and is designated as a Level 1 ACO. What is part of this designation?


  1. Bonuses based on achievement of benchmarks
  2. Care coordination for chronic diseases
  3. Standards for minimum cash reserves
  4. Strict requirements for financial reporting


ANS:   A

A Level 1 ACO has the least amount of financial risk and requirements, but receives shared savings bonuses based on achievement of benchmarks for quality measures and expenditures. Care coordination and minimum cash reserves standards are part of Level 2 ACO requirements. Level 3 ACOs have strict requirements for financial reporting. REF: Accountable Care Organizations